Maritime Sailing on the Tall Ship: Madeline

09/13/2015 @ 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM – The Maritime Heritage Alliance Group will provide training and hands on experience to sail on the Grand Traverse West Bay on the Great Lakes Tall Ship Madeline. Photos coming soon! Attended by: 18 RLR Veterans and Family Members along with multiple Volunteers Funded by: Maritime Heritage Alliance Group

Renewable Energy Solar & Wind Power Workshop

08/20/2015 – 08/22/2015 @ All Day – Events: Aug 20, 2015: Held at the home of J.D. Stratton Electric. We will discover the how, when, whys and best geographical placement of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines along with land usage. Aug 22, 2015: Held at RLR Mr. Stratton will give direction, locators, advise us on placement of our Wind Turbine & Solar […]

Welding 101

07/18/2015 @ All Day – Welding 101 Huffs Welding is offering to our Veterans a class on Welding 101. Mr. Scott Huffman, a Veteran, has a local business in welding and will be bringing his experience to Reining Liberty Ranch to offer an inside look along with hands on opportunities for each of you to learn some welding! Also available […]

Loma Farms

06/29/2015 @ All Day – Event: Theme: Learning to Grow for Restaurants. Small scale vegetable farm in Leelanau County specializing in high quality produce for restaurants sales. Loma Farm uses cover crops extensively for soil fertility management. The goal is to “Market without going to Market!” Community Meal provided. No photos available Attended by: 6 RLR Veterans Funded by: Nic […]

Maplewood Farms

05/13/2015 @ All Day – Maplewood Farms Adult Fieldtrip: Watch the processes of shearing alpaca with Nel Vickers of Maplewood Farm – from unloading animals, prepping them for shearing, getting them into ropes and shearing, administering vaccinations, trimming hooves and teeth, and grading and sorting at the skirting table. Attended by: 6 RLR Veterans Funded by: Nel Vickers, Maplewood Farms, […]

Wild Forage Mushroom Certification

04/25/2015 @ All Day – Workshop: Learn about the many different varieties of wild mushrooms to Identify, forage and grow. To become a Certified Expert in Wild Forage Mushrooms. City to train and certify foragers who commercially grow, harvest, and sell wild mushrooms in Michigan. The courses, developed and presented by Midwest American Mycology Information, the Institute for Sustainable Living, […]

Art Exhibition @ Dennos Museum – Milliken Auditorium

03/08/2015 @ All Day – Exploring a community/family activity through the Arts. This exhibition is being seen through the eyes of artist and participants through the use of texture, color, and platform. The artist, Jae Yong Kim, asks the viewers to create a relate-able language into offering feelings of dealing with human issues such as pain, anguish, joy, love, friendship. […]

Bio-Nutrient Crop Production Workshop

02/21/2015 – 02/22/2015 @ 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Description: This workshop provides a platform for “farmers” of any type to learn to relate more openly and directly with their soils and plants, and learn to detect the growth stages, processes and limitations of their plants, and the interactions they are having with the surrounding air. A few Principles and Practices to be covered: […]

Small Farm Conference

01/24/2015 @ 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM – Workshops: Livestock Grazing for Soil, Health, Productivity and Profitability Small Farm Developing and Local Food Systems Mobile Hoophouse Design and Planting Rotation Getting Stated with Organic Hops Veterans in Farming   Funded by: Private Donations @ $55 per person No photos available Attended by: 6 RLR Veterans

Bee Keepers Workshop

10/15/2014 @ 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Best Practices on Bee-Keeping, The Case of Sustainable Farm Peggy Case has developed through education, trial and error, and a few stings how to maintain and keep a healthy, prosperous beehive with a bunch of happy bees and wonderful resulting honey! Photo Coming Soon! “Lunch on the Run” (Includes: Sub Sandwich, Chips, Water, Desert) Funded […]