How do I access your programs? 
Through our Program Contact Form (coming soon) and we will contact you or you can call the ranch directly at 231- 421-3958

What type of discharge do I need to have to be able to participate in RLR Programs?
We request an Honorable Discharge or equivalent.

What do your programs cost?
No charge for Veterans & First Responders

I am not a combat Vet, can I still participate in your programs?

I do not have a VA disability rating. Can I still participate in programs?

Can my spouse or children use your programs?
There are separate programs for immediate family “in household”

I was in the guard or reserve. Can I participate in your programs? 

What programs do you offer to Veterans? 
Click the link to Veteran Programming here

Do I need to supply any paperwork or documentation? 
DD214 is required to participate in programs. We will request basic information from you at intake.
* We do not share your information with anyone.

Who can I call to ask questions? 
Call the ranch number 231-421-3958

I am not a Veteran but I would like to help out. What can I do to help?
Volunteer or Financial Support.
Click the Volunteer Link
Click the link to Donate

I would like to donate items I think you could use. Who do I call?
Ranch phone 231-421-3958

I would like to donate money. Who can I call? 
Use the donate button, call the ranch phone 231-421-3958 or e-mail ReiningLibertyRanch@gmail.com

I have a horse I would like to donate. Can you accept it as a donation? 
Yes, we have an Equine team to access the suitability of potential donated horses

Are you a non-profit tax exempt organization? 
Yes, Reining Liberty Ranch is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit tax-exempt organization