Wish List

2021 Reining Liberty Ranch

Stable and Arena
 Always Hay
 Replacement stall doors (old ones are bent and often unsafe)
 Automatic waterers for stalls – making our volunteers time more available
with install. By plumber.
 Run a plumbing line into the arena.
 Pasture waterers (6) for health of our horses and ease in chores year round.
Auto fill, heated
 Sound system for arena
 Dressage Letters
 North arena sliding door needs to be reframed and covered with metal
 New Stall Mats for stable. Many are multiple pieces making cleaning very
time consuming.
 Two new saddles for the Veterans &  Therapeutic program-we’re growing and need very
good saddles.
 Lockers for our volunteers and staff inside stable.
 Would like to have a donor “tree” installed in the arena where each leaf is
the name of a donor. The tree of life is a significant image for our Veterans
(deep roots and high reaching branches) and they feel this is what we
should have in thanks.

Veteran Program Needs
 Half Ton pick-up or ¾ Ton Suburban Style Vehicle
 4 Horse Stock Trailer for our Veteran Outreach Trail Riding Program
 2 Western style, gaited tree saddles

Farm House
 New boiler for the house. The most recent date we can find on our boiler
now is 1951.
 Extend heat upstairs in farmhouse to large room so we can hold respite
programs at the ranch and house Veterans for a few days. .
 Finish electrical wiring in house.
 Seal up open foundation on the west wall-water seeps in.
 Insulation in basement ceiling – keeping house warm.
 New Roof
 New siding
 New posts for front porch-ours are rotting quickly
 New appliances for the kitchen. We served nearly 1000 veteran meals
annually, and out old ones are giving out.
 Living room floor needs to be refinished and sealed.
 Always paper towels, toilet paper, kitchen papers (wax, aluminum foil,
parchment paper, etc.)

 Critical need – replace asphalt driveway in order to safely serve our clients with mobility issues
 Site perp for future goal of building a Veterans Lodge in the location of the old barn.
“veteran lodge”
 Remove old barn foundation stone wall
 New well to serve lodge and pastures. We are working off one old well
now and it is at capacity. It also needs to go deeper.
 Compost system for manure
 New cover for fire circle area on west ridge. Shelter from sun and rain
would make this an even more attractive area for guided counseling and
veteran outings. Gazebo would work
 Seating for fire circle
 Generac – to ensure well can be used and we have power to care for our
 Hand pump attached to wells.
 Additional acreage to provide extra grazing and to allow for current paddocks
to rest and recover.
 Need to pay off ranch – Capitol Campaign
 Redirect front yard water with a couple of drains into the ditch to avoid
flooding in the front yard making it unusable for events.

Veterans Garden
 Irrigation system in zones for growing areas. We spend many hours hand
watering this sizeable garden which is a main destination at the ranch.
 New fence along back of garden.
 Shade sails for picnic table.
 Need one more sitting area as we are expanding the native flower garden
giving more space for “meditative walks” that occur often. Bench and
 Need a winter time aerator for the garden pond.
 Need an automatic water leveler so the pond doesn’t get too low and
wreck the pump.
 Need pine bark mulch