Here are just some of the anonymous comments from those who have participated in our programs

“I loved learning about the horses and working with all the personality types.”

“I have become more aware of myself and I have been able to read my emotions and better control myself around people. It has been overall a huge improvement.”

“I’ve grown emotionally through the horses”

“Horses 4 Heroes has helped me evaluate myself”

“I have enjoyed the comradery. Sometimes it was hard for me to come, but always happy I did. I am in the middle of working on myself physically and mentally and this was a wonderful experience on my journey of healing.”

“I was not sure about the program at first, but the fact that it a is non-verbal program really helped ease the doubt, and helped me to participate”

“It has brought me some peace and taught me lessons about life”

“It has helped me feel like I can stop, breathe and move forward without getting angry”

“I have found it most challenging to calm myself to learn to work with a sensitive horse. To focus on bringing my energy down”

“I am feeling alive again. The horses, the program, the people have all helped me like myself and believe in myself.”

“I am so blessed that I’ve been allowed to participate here. I feel at home when I am here.”

“I still have some social anxiety, but less than before”

“I feel better and am looking for goals and a reason to live vs. negativity and a reason to die”

” I have found it challenging to learn how to adapt to the different horses personalities”

“I feel improvement in social anxiety. I feel I can talk openly about this class – which is cool way to talk openly about anxiety”

“The fact that there’s a place to come and not have to explain your anxiety and depression is freeing. The horses calm me so much.”

“I was surprised by how calm I felt after each session.”